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The Center of Excellence for Neurodegenerative Diseases of the University of Milan (CEND), acknowledged in 2001 by the Italian Ministry for University and Scientific and Technological Research (now MIUR), is an interdepartmental and multidisciplinary center born to pursue excellence in research on the molecular bases of neurodegenerative diseases. By forcing cooperation among laboratories which are far from each other, both physically and culturally, but share common research interests, CEND launched a new way of making research . . .

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CEND Secretariat

Via Balzaretti 9, Milan
Phone: +39 02-5031-8375


  • “Cervell…a…mente 2019 – Drugs affecting Brain activities”– from February, 25th to March, 1st 2019  [event page]


Scientists with well differentiated background working with the common goal: defeat neurodegenerative diseases


CEND is a virtual center: all participating laboratories are distributed among different Departments within the University of Milan


Scientists working at CEND are involved in several teaching programmes: graduate, post-graduate, doctoral and continuing education

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