Steering Committee

All CEND activities are led by the Scientific Board constituted by 9 members appointed by the Rector of the University of Milan. The Center is diretcted by Adriana Maggi.

The main characteristic of the Centre is its multidisciplinarity: the 250 faculty and researchers and have their labs in different Departments within the University of Milan; their research expertise ranges from basic biology to medicine and include:  molecular and cell biology, nanotechnology, pharmacology, endocrinology, biochemistry, neurobiology, neurology. Researchers mainly involved in basic research may collaborate with clinicians at the Ospedale Maggiore IRCCS Policlinico Milano.

To facilitate technological exchanges and training of younger investigators the Center has created  technological platforms (e.g. Core Laboratory of Biotechnology and Bio-engineering, Core Laboratory of Structural and Functional Neurochemistry and Core Laboratory of Functional Bioimaging).

Alida Amadeo

Tiziana Borsello

Diego Fornasari

Pasini Maria Enrica

Elio Scarpini

Elena Battaglioli

Graziella Cappelletti

Michele Mazzanti

Angelo Poletti

Vincenzo Silani

Paola Bellosta

Paolo Ciana

Roberto C. Melcangi

Marco Riva

Elisabetta Vegeto

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